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Semester 4 as it happened at Christ

4th Semester started on a very surreal note with me being the event head in Thrive. Thrive is an intra department business fest hosted by the second year for the first year BBA students and I had the privilege to be one among the four event heads of Public Relations Event named The Astute.

I call it surreal because of a reason. I had the opportunity to mentor so many people in my life. And the thing about mentoring and critiquing is that you have to be right 100 percent and have the confidence to be right 200 percent about it, because your words make a difference.

Two moments really stood out during Thrive, the first was the day when I took JAM round (Just a Minute) all by myself and the second was the night before valedictory when Top 5 was announced. 

I have been a babbler throughout my life but never thought that I could turn the tables and actually use the babbling ability to my own advantage. It was definitely while conducting the JAM round that I experienced the moment of truth and reflection of confidence. One of the elements that makes for a great PR according to me is eloquence in speech and thought and JAM round is made to judge precisely that, something at which your girl is fairly decent at. So, when I conducted the JAM round, I wanted it to be fun but at the same time I also made sure that I communicated assertively  (felt like a bitchin badass when I did that) that eloquence, clarity in mind makes for an Astute  (The theme of Thrive) and participants must strive towards it.

The second moment that stood out during Thrive was the night after the lobbying round when Top 5 was announced. Because I never made it to the Top 5 myself, I never knew the what it felt like to be one among them let alone what it felt like to judge them. It gave me goosebumps that night. It was also that same night when I realized that I felt at ease throughout the event only because of my humble and talented co-event heads. I have been against the idea of having a team all my life, because team work in reality is nothing but a sham but I think Thrive made me believe otherwise. Now PR is like family to me.

Speaking at the finale of Thrive with my co event head

And now as I write this blog, I rethink my decision of not applying for PR Event Head next year. Sometimes I doubt the choices I make in life huh!

Anyways, being the Event Head in college has a lot of perks by itself. The best among them is the opportunity to represent your college at various other business fests. I was happy to represent mine at Virtuso Fest held by SJCC, Bangalore. Though I didn’t win but I enjoyed myself thoroughly and had splendid time and great learning outcome of it.

It was for Virtuso that I pulled off an all-nighter for the first time and had a very unpleasant experience out of it. The drawbacks are that it drains you mentally, there’s no freshness in thought left, it’s all redundant ideas left in your mind to solve the tasks at hand. Sleep is important my dear friends, don’t comprise it. We slog to finish the tasks in the night, but remember morning has its own freshness. Wake up early in the morning sometimes and see the wonders it does to you and your project at hand.

Other than festing one interesting activity I indulged myself in this semester was learning Mandarin (Mandarin is a form of Chinese, Chinese have over 200 dialects.). It has been in my bucket list to learn a new language and this semester I took the challenge to strike off that item.

learning to sing happy new year in chinese : xin nian kuai le

This is the first time I learnt any foreign language and to be honest and it felt like I was thrown in kindergarten making sounds and learning strokes. Furthermore, the thing about learning a new language is that you feel a little closer to the culture associated with it and that is the moment when you realize that it’s not always the same as portrayed by the foreign media, by our own media.

I remember my first visit to China back in 2012 when I was just a kid studying in 8th grade and I was wooed away by the humbleness of the people, something which is beyond articulation of any travelogues I’ve read. And that’s why I always encourage people to travel and learn something new beyond their country or continental borders. It not only augments our perspective but it also gives us an understanding as to how much of a bubble we live in.

The course was for 45 hours so I can say I’m a beginner no more. The biggest takeaway from the class was that Mandarin isn’t as difficult as we think it is and definitely is a fun subject. Also, in my opinion it is always better to learn a new language or get a head start of it by attending physical classes rather than taking online courses. Maybe in the later stages online courses can work but for a solid foundation I think physical classes are the best.

Beyond academics, I was high on football every morning. Every morning I struggled to get out of my bed and go for the practice. Practice isn’t that hard as getting out of the bed in the morning is. I still struggle very much and the only solution I have found is the old school jingle, “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

Happy even after we lost the match, cause the team won.

Sleep early and over the course of time you will be able to wake up early in the morning. Just have patience, it can cook a stone. Playing a sport made me happy because I could see and feel the transition that happened in a semester and it always gave me high hopes that I could become better everyday if only I came for practice regularly, and it applies to almost everything we do in our lives.

The best thing about playing a sport is that it exhausts you mentally as well so there’s frankly no time for depressing thoughts at all. You are always happy and tired. Depression is a stimulus of an idle mind so the next time it clouds your mind; you know the solution for it: Go out, either play a sport or do yoga: exhaust yourself.

The mantra of next semester: exhaust yourself and frost yourself.

Until next time, Farewell.