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The Dilemma That Persists

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Have you ever walked past the road and encountered people coming to you and begging for food or money?

I bet you must have if you live in India or have visited India.

Do you consider them to be a burden on the society?

Do you believe India can never become a developed country until the beggars are removed from the society?

And most importantly what do you generally do when these poor damned souls approach you?

Do you ignore them?

Do you help them?

Or do you ask them to leave?

The reaction of the masses to these pupil’s deplorable situation can be summarized by five thought processes mentioned below.

First, there is this section of people who shrug of these beggars/vagabonds and pretend to ignore, even after they have seen them already.

Second, there is this section of people who dare to look them in the eyes, and still ignore them or shoo them away by saying “we don’t have anything, Go away!”.  How ironic!

Thirdly, there is this section of generous people who offer to give them something, money or food. But their offering is so negligible that it hardly makes any difference. Their thought process tells them to be caring at the same time be cunning. Cunning because they know that beggars can garner huge sums of money/food by the end of the day by doing absolutely nothing.

Fourth, there is this section of overtly generous people who don’t think twice before shredding out money from their pockets to help someone. But beware this category of people don’t become overly generous every day. It happens only once in a blue moon.  On the other days, they belong to the second or third category.

Lastly, there is this section of people who observe the beggars/vagabonds, feels sad for them, at the same time starts grumbling about their life choices and argues that instead of begging they should look for work. In the end, this section of people brings nothing but disappointment to the poor chaps.

So which category do you belong to?

I don’t want to know, you just to need to know that for yourself.

Because it is the dilemma that persists and we need to get over it.


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