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Weekend Thoughts #1

Yesterday Night I was watching this show called Deadly Class starring Benjamin Wadsworth, Lana Condor and many more great artists. In the very first episode of the show there’s this monologue orated by the protagonist and it had this one line which said,

Happiness is just the absence of pain.

Somewhere it got stuck in the back of my mind and got me thinking, is it really?

So, I did a little contemplation. And this weekend post is just a result of that.

But before you read my opinion I want you to ask yourself, what is happiness according to you?

What makes you happy?

When was the last time you were the happiest?

Do you think that being happy is just an emotion concomitant to smile and laughter or is it something much more?

Got an answer?



Now you can read mine.

You know when I’m happy, I’m so consumed in the moment that I don’t even realize that I’m happy. Like, when I spend time with my family, friends or when I do the things that I love, such as writing, listening to music or playing football.  Sometimes seeing people that I love and care for happy, also makes me feel the same way.

To be able to enjoy the little moments, to be able to forget about the pressure, pain, and everyday problems and to be able to appreciate life for the way it is, I think that is happiness. And I think in every sense it is the absence of pain even if it is momentarily. There’ll be problems and pain (physical and mental) in our lives as long as we live, in fact these are the signs that we exist. Important is that we all enjoy the journey and constantly strive to make a difference in our lives and if possible in someone else’s too.

Now that we are talking about happiness there is one more thing I want to share with you all. The reasons as to why I believe you should stop following the ideology of, “In Pursuit of happiness” not the movie but the school of thought. Stop believing that achieving something will make you happy because it won’t. Happiness is always in the process, not in success.

Everybody around me these days believes that possession of something or someone would make them happy. People reason that buying things or accomplishing tasks will provide them the state of blissfulness but that is certainly not the case.

I remember telling this myself so many times over and over again during 12th grade, “Saloni college days are going to be the happiest days of your life so work hard now.”  

While it definitely encouraged me to work hard it also created a bubble in my head that college was going to give me the ultimate happiness of my life. The bubble bursted when I came to college. It’s been two years and I can confidently tell that my 12th grade imagination was way beyond the actual reality. The bursting of bubble was a traumatic experience because despite achieving the state of success by getting good grades in 12th exams and an admission into a fairly decent college I didn’t succeed in obtaining the something that was the crux of it all. I didn’t find the level of joy I thought I would at that point in time.

It is not because of high expectations but because I failed to enjoy the ride. And now that I think about it, I feel so dumb and stupid. But at least I learnt, you learn it too.

Happiness lies in enjoying the ride, not stressing about things all the time and being in a peaceful state of mind.

Have a Happy Weekend!


Sleep away, the universal panacea for anything and everything.

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