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First day of my Summer Internship

There’s so much excitement whenever something happens in your life for the first time. Whether its love, college, job or just an internship. Its always a moment to cherish and vouch for, well until it happens. First day of my summer internship was precisely that.

All throughout the semester I was pretty excited about my internship. But I wasn’t day dreaming about it or building castles in the air. I knew an amazing adventure was about to happen in my life and all I did was to wait for the clock to tick and keep ticking.

Even when I reached Mumbai the excitement was there but it died on the morning of the first internship day. It was an ambivalent feeling that morning I was nervous and excited both. Nervous because what if they told me to do something and I wasn’t able to do it, what if my knowledge failed me there, what if I did something stupid (which I always do). Excited because everything was going to be so new, different, empowering and definitely worth the experience.

Waiting for a train to pass by.

It is for my internship that for the first time in my life I stepped out of the Mumbai Airport and was able to experience this peacefully chaotic city.  In the process of catching dreams, I had to catch up trains first. Traveling in the Mumbai local train for the first time was liberating and fatiguing at the same time. In my opinion, it wasn’t as daunting as it looked and was rather a thrilling way to commute than sit in the cab and be stuck in the traffic for hours.

Anyways onto the first day experience. So, on the first day I woke up pretty early around 6am in the morning, got ready and traveled to the office via local train with my mom and aunt. And the first time I saw the building where I was going to work at, I was astounded to the very core. It was huge, not even kidding. My dreams just shaped itself into a building that could touch the sky.

View from the 20th floor of my office. I work on 21st.

Nevertheless, I entered the office building with my mom and aunt, made my visitors pass, got my bag scanned twice and we hit the elevator that went straight to 21st floor where my office was. The guard over there greeted us with smiles as if he was waiting for us only. I was sent to another room and mom & my aunt was made to sit out in the waiting area where they met the HR and left. Meanwhile the room I was sent to was the intern’s room and I thought I was going to be the only intern at the firm but I wrong. Wrong to a great extent because all the other interns there were post grad students doing MBA Finance and I was the only undergrad student. Later that day my mom told me that I was the youngest in the office (that’s what the HR told her) and probably the youngest in that entire building which had 3 towers and 2-3 thousand employees working in it.

So, I sat there and waited for the HR to come. After waiting for almost an hour, she came hastily, yelled or maybe warned the other interns over some issue and left without even addressing me. Meanwhile I talked to the other interns regarding their whereabouts and what they were working on, their overall impression of the company. They answered all my queries and were sweet enough to ask me to have breakfast with them, but I just had a coffee.  

After that, I met my analyst, he seemed nice and friendly. He gave me a brief as to what his job profile and job description in the company was. He told me about the project he was going to undertake and what my job as an intern in the that brokerage firm would be like. I was going to work in the equity research department under an analyst specializing in mid cap stocks so, the first task I was assigned was to was to research about an industry and the companies operating in it, which I did by reading tons of articles and almost all of their annual reports from top to bottom.  I kept on reading until 3 in the afternoon and also made some notes. After so much of reading a stupid question popped up in my head and disrupted my workflow. What is the point of reading all this? Is it all that I am going to do? I had these questions because the other interns seemed to be working on shit complicated and challenging tasks on the other hand I couldn’t even describe properly as to what I was trying to do or achieve.

With so much doubts in my head I went to my analyst and asked him what I was trying to achieve by doing all this and he patiently explained to me what he intended to achieve when he assigned me such a trivial work. He wanted me to understand the industry as a whole which would help me afterwards when he taught me how to build financial models and make projections about the companies.

I felt bad for being a little too impatient there but I am working it. Subsequently, after that conversation I had this gut feeling that I was interning at the right place with the right people in charge and I fell head over heels for equity research.

And that’s what the day was like: full of awkward and weird stuff of me trying to adapt to the office environment.

Because of nervousness I legit didn’t eat anything except milk in the morning and coffee for my breakfast so by the time I reached home I was dead. Dead because of hunger, dead because of traveling especially Dadar station and dead because of the excessive heat and lack of water.

The day came to a blurry end as I reposed.


Sleep away, the universal panacea for anything and everything.

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