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Reviewed: What’s wrong with Secretary Kim?

It is intriguing to witness the outbreak of K-POP and K-Drama across the globe. The subtle reality checks in K-dramas and over the top humility of K-Pop artists is what people are swayed by these days. The hype is real and so is the fixating impact that it leaves on its viewers. The audience just can’t get enough of it. They want more and more. More drama, more dance, more music, more gossips, more fan clubs, the demand is endless. It has become some sort of web. A gigantic Korean Cultural web aesthetically crafted to bewitch your mind, just so that you can enchant others and persuade them to join the internationally famous, “We love Korean Culture Club”.

By the way, I’m a part of it now.

A few years back nobody knew of a band named BTS and now if you don’t your general knowledge is questioned. That is the extent of its impact.

Anyways, as a proud Global Citizen and a member of, “We love Korean Culture Club” I’m going to be reviewing one of the most talked about Korean Shows, “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?”

Do you know according to Google, “What’s wrong with Secretary Kim?” was the most searched Korean Drama of 2018.

Well, to be honest, it didn’t amuse me at all because every single time I asked a person overtly infatuated with K-Drama (there are quite a few in my surroundings now) about their beginning shows, the answer mostly came out to be, “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?”  In addition to answering my question, my friends always recommended me to watch it. So, When I ran dry of movies and Tv Shows I decided to watch What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? 

And here’s my review of it on Asian Euphoria!


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