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The Things I did in Third Sem

I feel old as I write this post.

That’s the first feeling I got after I completed my third semester and sat down to write this post.

My class this semester.

Third semester has been by far been the best semester of college non-academic wise.

I’m saying this as if in the last two semester we had a lot of productive study in college. No, Not at all. The reality in the college is that most of the professors don’t like to teach and well the student community as you would all know, never to likes to study.

But in general, all I want to say is that semester third was a fun, frolic, full of activities, food, parties, hefty expenditures and an ocean of opportunities.

The third semester started with a bang when my friend Kanchan and I joined football. When I left home for college I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would join football. But I did. And now when I look back to it, I’m so glad I did it.

It all happened like this.

My friend during the starting of the semester asked me so casually, “ Saloni, you wanna join Football?”

And I was like,


Well, dude, let’s join basketball.

I’ll grow tall you know. It hurts being short.

And she was like, “ No, No No. Let’s join football only. It’ll be fun!

I didn’t present any strong argument against it. After all, the road to getting full abs and calf muscles had to start somewhere. If not basketball let it be football only, it had to start somewhere.

And that is how I took the best decision of my entire college life up till now.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I often wonder how we end up making the good decisions in such a short span of time while the not so good decisions often end up taking hours of mental peace and happiness and even after that lands us nowhere.

Anyways, moving forward the first day of football practice was terrific and I mean it in a positive sense. I was so taken aback seeing other players practice that I couldn’t resist myself to do the same, hoping that someday I’ll be at par with the experienced players of the team. The day hasn’t arrived yet, but it’s not too far also.

There’s so much to write about my football experience that I think I’ll write an entire blog post about it. Wait for it, you guys. It’s gonna be a jaw-dropping, highly inspirational blog post. Just wait for it.

Because football practice happened in the morning, maintaining a high level of energy throughout the day was next to impossible. So my participation in other departmental activities initially had to suffer a bit. Managing college and sports life wasn’t easy, It still isn’t, but definitely better than what it was previously when I started. It was not that I didn’t participate in any activities, but whatever I did for a long period of time had a half-hearted participation from my side, because I was exhausted you see.

So when our departmental fest Vistas happened I was thrashed out so early. I didn’t even make it to the top 10 of Public Relations. I felt devastated. Winning PR or at least making it to the top 5 was something I dreamt of but alas never worked for it. And the wake-up call, well it never happened. Reality had already given me a tight smack on my face and it screeched hard, “You’ll never be good enough.

The twist in the tale happened when I was chosen to be the Event head of Public Relations for Esprit 2018 – The flagship event of our department. To be honest more than the happiness I was plagued by self-doubt. How could I become the event head for an event I never won, never made it to top 5, never went for an outstation fest. How?

There were people more deserving than me you see. With better credentials.

What did I do to get it? Nothing?

Was it the confidence during the interview that got me through?

Was it somebody’s recommendation?

Was it my resume?

Was it because of my attendance?

Was it that people didn’t want to apply for the post only?

What was it?

Thoughts wrecked my mind that day I tell you. But then after that, I accepted it. After all, there was no harm in being the event head. Maybe there was- some occasional taunts of other people.

It was a weird feeling you know. It felt like something like this.

I always wanted this chocolate so badly and then when I got it, I started asking myself,

Why did I get it?

How could I get it?

Did I deserve to get it?

And then it was only after a certain point of time that I realized,

Oh shit!!! I have “the chocolate” let’s enjoy it.

The process of consuming the chocolate ought to be fun and so was my experience of being an Event head – a fun-filled learning experience.

Screenshot (44)
I look so blank.

Keeping festing and football aside, the other thing that kept me busy throughout the semester was E-cell- The Entrepreneurship cell of the Department of Management Studies, an independent body of which I’m a proud member, in case you didn’t know.

I joined E-cell in my very first semester and being a third-semester student working in E-cell I felt promoted. I had greater responsibility and work to do. Juniors often came to me and asked, What is E-cell?, What do you do? Stuff like that. I always answered them happily. Not only that but I also got a say in the activities that were done and the way it was done. I oversaw the work being done. Sometimes people even came and reported to me.

So during the entire semester, E-cell managed to put a certain number of workshops and two major events – Keystone and Ascend. You can check out the link to know more and stalk some of my pictures too.

This E-cell community is a happy community. When you work here, you know you work for an organization and the organization works on you. I’m more comfortable with teamwork now and have learned to put my idea on the table in the best possible manner. All thanks to E-cell.

Other than festing, football and E-cell there was one major thing that happened which is worth mentioning. It was the Physical Education Department’s Orientation at Kengeri Campus. You can read about it here:

Kengeri Orientation

Beyond the college activities things like troubling my friends, going out and chilling, Watching movies, web series, Tv shows, the world cup, eating, eating and eating are certain obvious things without which I couldn’t have passed my semester.

That’s pretty much it then.

What is the one interesting thing you did this semester?

Comment down below and let me know.

Until next time, Farewell.


Sleep away, the universal panacea for anything and everything.

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