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Wailing Desire



There is this thing I want so badly,

Locked inside a gawdly posh box.

The inner desire of me wanting to open that mysterious box,

Only if I knew about its location and wish it was not a hoax.


So many people have entered this phase before,

Most of them succeed here and wants it to be forever in their core.

But well I’m a piece of vagabond, loitering around,

Knowing that the box doesn’t belong to me, I back down.


But somehow, because of some reason, I keep coming back to square one,

The desire of opening the box. An anticipation.

Accidents happen, coincidences happen,

But my desire, well I’m skeptical it would happen.


I come from a happy belonging yet somewhat rigid in their thoughts.

And that’s how I’ve been brought up and now I’m casting lots.

But somehow the freshness in the air has bought a change,

A change in what, I hesitate to name.

But I’m delighted to remind you that my desire, my desire remains the same.



Sleep away, the universal panacea for anything and everything.

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