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My Instagram Experiment

This blog post is the outcome of my experimental Instagram account to check whether or not, is Instagram worth our time and energy?

I believe that time is money and energy is constant. So, if you waste your time & energy you won’t get it back.

But I’m in my 18’s. I’ve got plenty of time & energy. At least I think I do, that’s why I keep on conducting these stupid experiments to amuse myself and enjoy at the same time. Well, most people think I don’t enjoy, but I ain’t justifying that. It’s just a matter of perception.

Anyways, In addition to writing this blog post, I created my Instagram account like most people do on their friend’s advice. It turned out to be a good and not so good initiative at the same time. An ambivalent feeling is precisely what I experienced.

In the initial stage, I was a bit perplexed because people used to come to me and say, “Saloni, you know what, you ought to have an Instagram account, a social presence I mean, after all, you run a blog, you’ll get more popularity.”

I’ll be frank here, I was a bit skeptical at that point because I always thought that they actually just wanted to see my pictures and stuff but at the end, I realized that they were actually speaking the truth.

Yes, my dear friends and folks. Instagram did help me build viewership on my blog and I’m definitely grateful for it, but sadly it was kind of far too negligible. Because at the end people were more interested in the photos I posted instead of the content I wrote.

But I was still optimistic for I knew that it was my fault not to promote my blog extensively on Instagram, something for which I made my account.

Haha! Such a hypocrite!

Instead, I ended up spending most of my time viewing celebrities, friends, family’s pictures and stories, reading their captions and doing this over and over again.

And that was a legit waste of time.

Because if you rationally think, a person’s regular updates on his/her whereabouts are such a meaningless and unproductive piece of information, unless you happen to meet a person coincidentally or get some work done. But it’s so so rare in the Instagram community, that the probability won’t be more than 10% or so.

So is it that bad?

Then why do they have a gigantic community of 800 million users?



Don’t all the people using Instagram know this fact that it is a waste of time and mental energy?

I think they know it, but are oblivious of it. And that’s the truth I believe. But I know that truth is subjective in nature. My truth won’t match with yours.

So give me a chance to break it down, elucidate and justify it for you.

Instagram now has become some kind of a buyer and seller community with a clause that buyers pay with their time and energy and end up getting nothing. Opportunity Cost is high for the buyers but the product is worthless in nature.

It goes this way.

The celebrities sell themselves and their sponsored products by posting tons of pictures and stories every single day.

Then comes the famous YouTubers/Bloggers/Politicians and all other big people and companies you can think of that posts regularly but often less than the A or the high-end celebrities. But their purpose is, all the same, to sell and promote their content.

Then after all the famous people are done, comes the popular guys and girls of college/school/workplace who either are too photogenic or can’t just resist showing their lifestyles off. Like what they are wearing, where they just checked in, what they ate etc. etc.

So after this enormous junk of stories comes people like you and me. Who post less but spend an equal amount of time on insta just like the other people. But the specialty of this category is that they are engaged not in posting content but rather scrolling through the made-up content. Always scrolling the news feed.

But there is this one big flaw in my analogy of buyer and seller community. My friend Kanika points it out to me. According to her, Instagram is a good time pass, a great source of news and memes and the best way to connect with people. So the utility derived is equal to the cost put in, contradicting my assumption of opportunity cost being too high for a useless product.

The funny thing one might think here is – what bullshit!

The writer only isn’t able to make up her mind whether Instagram is a good or bad community?

But the reality is, that’s how Instagram is. It gives you assorted sort of emotions.

At one point in time, you’ll be happy chatting with your friends, putting jaw-dropping comments, admiring the artwork and creativity of others in maintaining their profile. But on the other side, it will turn you into a serious stalker and an addict at the same time. I cannot resist opening Instagram every single day of my life. I cannot resist posting stories of where I went or what I ate or who I met.

That my friends are angelic and the demonic sides of Instagram and a cautious use is definitely advisable.

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