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The Best of Second Semester @Christ


This blog post is a miniature flashback into the second semester (November to April), here at Christ (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru detailing all the events and happenings in a nutshell.

The second semester started on a lassitude note, all thanks to Thrive – Business Fest of The Department of Management Studies. The 14-day long business fest surely drained all my energy but as they say, “What makes you tired, makes you stronger.”

Although I didn’t make it to the Top 5 but I learnt a lot, thanks to my event heads and my fellow competitors. You can read more about Thrive by clicking on the link below:

My Thrive Experience 2017

After Thrive came The SRP Project or the Social Responsibility Project wherein me and my team had to go and work with an NGO for a minimum of 25 hours. We worked with Hope Foundation at their centers in Neelasandra and Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru where our tasks included: data entry, writing success stories, teaching basics of MS Office etc.

It was one of the best 3 days of the second semester for it gave me a whole new perspective of looking at things and taught me one of the most valued lessons of life – THE IMPORTANCE OF GIVING BACK TO THE SOCIETY. I say it is the most valued lesson of life because the satisfaction and happiness garnered after sharing something you possess with the society is unfathomable. Try it once.

After the SRP Project, I was all caught up in the preparation for Edify – The flagship event of the Entrepreneurial Cell (E-cell) of Department of Management Studies. The funny thing about Edify was that every single day for over a month I used to get claims to get out of the class, that too with free attendance. So a lot of people used to come and ask me, what exactly, did I do there?

Here’s my answer:
In E-cell since there is no set hierarchical system. So, all the members are responsible for all the departments starting with logistics, hospitality, finance, documentation, promotion and General management. I did everything but particularly was more associated with Documentation and Inviting Speakers for the Event.

I felt so attached to this loving community that at the end of the semester what motivated me to come to college was definitely E-cell.

There were other events as well, like Blossoms and Inblooms ( Cultural Fests) during the second semester but I didn’t take part in them.

The semester came to an end with the dreaded End Semester Examination on April 10, 2017.

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