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The Incessant Gone Mad Love


Hey friends!

Welcome back to my blog!

To all those people who have no idea as to what a Gone Mad is, please give me the opportunity to educate you about this stupendous Choco stick.

And here’s a message to all those people who are already infatuated with this amazing Choco stick, please enjoy the blog post.


According to Garuda Food’s official website,

Gone Mad is the endearing expression of the inherent need in all of us to be free.

The philosophy that drives the brand Gone Mad – helps it deny order and routine and ‘break the normal’ in a fun yet lovable way.

Gone Mad appeals to the lighter side of everyone and allows everyone to express their inner inanities. The Gone Mad word is a playful, spontaneous, entertaining, engaging and youthful world where you can let loose your unabashed love for food.  Armed with its innovative product, Gone Mad promises to kill monotony and offer differentiated delight.

Gone Mad gives you the license to escape into a spontaneous world and leave your boring, straight-jacketed life behind.

What a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious write up!!!

Makes me want to eat a Gone Mad ASAP.

Anyways, I still remember the first day when I had Gone Mad, it was someone’s birthday in the class and that generous person distributed Gone Mad to everyone. That time I had no idea as to what on earth it felt like to have a gone mad. I do now, and it’s not just a feeling of jubilation but a profound and a cherished experience, the experience I long to live every single day of my life.

According to me, the best flavor is the chocolate one. It has a classic taste to it. Wrapped inside the wafer roll, the crunchiness and the Choco cream inside drives my impulse crazy and I just can’t resist ending my day without having a Gone Mad.

Not only that but the fights and the friendship that lurks in the process of consuming these marvelous Choco sticks are worth cosseting for.

Now that you know what is a Gone Mad and why do I love it so much, you might be wondering as to why am I writing this blog post.

Well, it isn’t a promotional write-up. I was just reminiscing about the things/experience/people that made my first year of college, an unco (Scottish word) one. That’s why I wrote the blog post.

So hoped you liked it!

Stay tuned for more awesome content.

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Thanks for reading.

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