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Financial February


This is my first blog post of February month. I really had a hard time picking a topic to write upon in recent days, thus I decided to affix a theme with this month. As it is evident from the title itself the theme for this month is Financial February.

There are many reasons as to why I chose this theme, the primary reason being my aim of spreading financial literacy among the masses. Financial literacy is paramount because no what profession you enter, what position you undertake, the understanding of financial aspects can help you make wise decisions on money-related matters. Not only that, but I also believe it helps in making us more self-reliant. So, when we talk about women empowerment the first step is to make them financially literate.

Other than that, the ongoing cryptocurrency craze was also one of the reasons I thought Financial February could be the best theme for this month. With the cryptocurrency plunging, governments of various countries trying to either ban or regulate these currencies, the endless debates about its constant theft and questionable security, cryptocurrencies had gained gigantic coverage over the past few months.

The last reason that supported my decision of choosing this theme was the Budget of 2018. It was released on 1 February 2018 and instantly became a talking point.

Thus, to keep myself as well as you guys updated about the current vogue and the happenings around I thought to keep the theme as Financial February.

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