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Top 10 Ways to Spam on Whatsapp

 Even the lamest things in the world can be done in different ways and that is what creativity stands for.

-Mrinal Patwari (My roommate)

Let’s get started with….


#10 Ordered Spamming

To do ordered spamming all you need to do is pick up an entire section of emojis and start sending it one by one in either ascending or descending order.

#9 Spell out Spamming

This is one of my favorite ways to spam. So instead of typing sentences/words in one message, try spelling it out and sending it letter by letter.

#8 Repetitive Spamming

Repetitive spamming actually involves sending a word/sentence continuously over a period of time.

#7 Senseless Sense

The Autocorrect button sometimes can be very annoying, but in spamming, it’s one of your best friends. Try selecting random words popping up on the auto correct screen and make a gigantic message out of it.

#6 Random Spamming

Reading your own stupid texts back makes one feel so nostalgic. Nostalgia can be a good ingredient for spamming. All you need to do it select some chats randomly and start sending it again to the same person.

#5 Emoji War

Now, this type of spamming requires an equally enthusiastic partner who is willing to spam you just as much as you are willing to spam him for the emoji war to begin.

#4 Group Spamming

Not satisfied with any of PM spamming. Try spamming the group by changing the profile picture/group name continuously.

#3 Aesthetic Display

This can be practiced by emojis in a sequence like 9 emojis then 8 emojis then 6 emojis, so on and so forth.

#2 All in one Spam

Sending the same emoji/ set of emojis in the same message again and again and again. The only disadvantage being after a certain point of time an option will pop up saying read more which ruins your entire hard work.

#1 Gif War

This the most common of all, The gif war. Instead of mundane words, gif makes a message more appealing and mesmerizing to people. And a gif war is all about that. The aim is to keep sending gifs until the speed of the phone slows down. It can either be one-sided or two-sided war.

Some words of caution here:

  1. Spamming can backfire, do it diligently.
  2. It is advisable not to try it with everyone.
  3. Lastly, it is advisable to segregate important messages by shifting them to starred messages.

Some benefits derivable from this fun activity are:

  1. Getting the attention of people is 10 times faster.
  2. It’s a good way to kickstart a conversation with annoying people.
  3. Getting your work done is much easier by spamming.
  4. It’s a good time pass and it’s fun.
  5. And it lightens up the mood and the conversation too.


That’s it friends.

Hope you enjoyed! Like, share or comment.

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A huge shout out to my roommate Mrinal Patwari for the concept and screenshots. Without her generous help, this post would have never existed. Thanks, Mrinal.



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