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10 Songs That Dominated My 2017 Playlist (English)

So, for this blog post I’m counting down the 10 awesome songs I got obsessed with in the year 2017.

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So, let’s hit the play button and get started.

  #10 If I’m Lucky, Jason Derulo 


There is something about Jason’s music that gets’s its listeners fixated. The beats, the voice and the lyrics all seemed so impeccably perfect. Not to forget the crazy dance moves in the video, that always got me to groove.

Click to listen:   

#9 Mi Gente, J Balvin, Willy William


More than Despacito’s amazing vocals it was Mi Gente’s hypnotic beats that made me listen to this peppy dance number again and again and again.

Click to listen:   

#8 Options, Pitbull feat. Stephen Marley 


Stephen’s Marley’s sexy voice, Pitbull’s stellar rap is the formula for good music. The chorus part of this song was so addictive that once it got stuck in my mind, it never got out, not until today.

Click to listen: 

#7 Rockabye, Clean Bandit feat. Sean Paul, Anne-Marie


Though it was released in the year 2016, I heard this song in 2017. I heard this song not once, not twice but at least 10 times a day, so much absorbed was I with the song. My most favorite part of the song is Sean Paul’s rap both lyrically and by vocals.

Click here to listen:

#6 Too Good at Goodbyes, Sam Smith


The first song I heard of Sam Smith was I’m not the only one. Ever since then I’ve looked forward to his music. His singing is next level every time, and this song is no exception.

Click here to listen:

#5 Ciao Adios, Anne-Marie


Anne-Marie keeps shouting in the song, Ciao Adios I’m done. But I was never done with this song and never will be. Catchy beats, relatable lyrics, Anne’s powerful voice made this ordinary seeming song a great one.

Click here to listen:

 #4 DNA, BTS


I heard BTS for the first time after I joined college and in just a few days I declared myself the member of Army (BTS Fans call themselves army). Talking about the song, J hope, and Jimin’s dance comes first then the amazing video concept, third rap monster’s rap and the last the sexy voices of all the group members that contribute in making all BTS songs simply awesome.

Click here to listen:  

#3 Swalla, Jason Derulo feat. Nicki Minaj, Ty Dolla $ign


This is not just a dance number, it’s a hot dance number. Though I didn’t like the video much, it never meant that my love for this crazy dance number went down by any percentage. I still remember learning dance an hour every day for a week, by watching Matt Steffanina’s amazing choreography on this song. This activity of mine added so much energy to my otherwise mundane life and that’s why it deserved to be in the top 3.

Click here to listen:

#2 Thunder, Imagine Dragons


I came to college with lightning and thunder. Imagine Dragons was my favorite, is my favorite and will be my favorite. The best thing about Imagine Dragons is that every song of theirs has a purpose and meaning in everyone’s life. Their songs are not just songs but meaningful songs. Also, according to me, Thunder was the most original song of 2017.

Click here to listen:

#1 New Rules, Dua Lipa



My love is New Rules and Dua Lipa’s song made me feel like nobody else.

Until 2016 I never heard of any artist by the name Dua Lipa. But New Rules got me obsessed with her, thanks to her remarkably extraordinary voice and her confident personality. Other than the voice, the video concept in itself is so supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. In simple words it was dope. Every time I heard this song, I just wanted to sing and dance along. That’s the sole reason I considered it to be the most insane song to get infatuated with in the year 2017.

Click here to listen:

Thanks for reading!

I hope you liked it.

See you super soon again.



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