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Messages for 2018

Anngyong Haseyo!

2018 has officially begun and I would like to kickstart this post by greeting all my readers “Happy New Year. May this year be the best year of your life.”

It is an inborn characteristic trait of New Year to bring fiery freshness in our lives. We start buying new desires, logic, commodities, and what not. We start purchasing everything new from clothes to hope with this anticipation that it will bring us luck and fortune as return gifts.

Sometimes it does, most of the time it doesn’t.

So instead of keeping curt expectations about something, why not set 2018 targets for ourselves? When I say 2018 targets, I mean goals for life with a purpose and a strong sense of motivation to fulfill that purpose. By no means I want you to confuse 2018 targets with resolutions. Over the passage of time, it’s my observation that resolutions have gone cliché. They no more excite anyone and are often elongated, exaggerated, and quite commonly leads to exasperation in cases of unfulfillment. Subsequently, a saturation point comes wherein a person no longer makes resolutions, henceforth barricading his/her own path to success.

In a nutshell, Message #1 Set your 2018 Targets asap.

So, I think I’ve talked a lot about the importance of setting targets over new year resolutions. Now I would like to jump back to 2017 and take a quick glance at its happenings to see whether we can extract few messages or not.

2017 was a very different year in contrast to all the previous years. Not only did I join the college in this year but in addition to that, I also attached myself with new perspectives and thought processes which questioned every stereotype I was brought up with.

More than anything else, the predominant question I asked myself every day was, “Should I join Instagram/Snapchat?”

To a few of my readers it may seem such an extraneous question to think upon so much, but for me, this irrelevant question played a major role in deciding the future of this blog. And thankfully my decision of not joining social media platforms made sure that this blog had a future.

Also, one of the reasons I thought so much on that subject matter was because every single day I used to feel left out when it came happenings around me. With time the left out feeling vanished and I luckily realized that there are so many good addictions out there over Instagram and Snapchat.

No offense here. But insta/snapchat are way too addictive. There are so many pros of using insta/snapchat, but the obsessive addiction con overpowers them all. I remember watching this YouTube video where the host of the channel was talking about unfollowing many people on Instagram.


Because she admitted the fact that seeing all their pictures and stories made her feel down, uncomfortable and ungracious of her own self, even after achieving so much like 500K subscribers on YouTube. Which according to me is a pretty insane an achievement. People often forget to appreciate themselves and their own effort. And over time I’ve realized that the most confident people on the planet are the ones who embrace and appreciate themselves. Even Game of Thrones season 1 major tagline is “Brace Yourselves.”

Furthermore, I think there are certain elements in our lives which make us feel dejected, at the same time they are our platforms of multiplying happiness and means of our lives. Social Media is one such example.

It’s like a mathematical equation:

Social Media + Happy you = Augmenting your own Happiness = Productive in nature

Social Media + Unhappy you = Downgrading your own self = Unproductive in nature

In a nutshell, Message#2 Start appreciating yourself & Use Social Media wisely.

Talking about appreciating oneself, there is one more thing that goes hand in hand with it. It’s called Being you. A few days back I watched this awesome movie called Mean Girls where the protagonist of the movie Catie felt so lost on the first day of high school. Soon she found the company of three mean girls which made her lose her own identity and turned her into a plastic girl. She started living in a bubble where she thought everybody like her because she was so popular, but in reality, she wasn’t. She was good at math but started failing in the only subject she liked just to seek the attention of someone. The goal of narrating the entire plot is just to convey a simple message, “Don’t be a pretentious you, be the real you.” You don’t have to change yourself for people to like you or talk to you. And in cases they don’t, then get over that stupid thing because they were never meant for you. Like Dr. Seuss rightly puts it, “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

In a nutshell, Message#3 Be your own self, embrace it.

I’ve written down so many philosophical messages, now I would like to jump on a financial message. I like and respect women and people in general who are financially literate and are able to manage their finances well.

There is this awesome saying by Bill Gates, and I don’t think I need to remind my readers why his saying matters because he is one of the richest man in the world. He says, “If you are born poor it’s not your mistake but if you die poor it’s your mistake.” Learning to manage one’s finances as well as investing them in a right order is very important.

The reason I think this message is important because I see so many people including myself sometimes spending their parent’s money heedlessly. The best analogy to explain this would be your attendance. You go to college every day and your attendance surges up as little as let’s take 0.2%. Take a single holiday and your attendance declines by 2%.

What I mean to say is that it takes gigantic amount of time and effort to generate money (even if you are rich), and a single useless purchase to shred out that hard earned money. So instead of spending the money uselessly why not invest them in stock markets and cryptocurrencies?

All it takes is a little time out of the plenty we have and a drop of commitment towards it. I encourage everyone to start loving financial literacy because, at the end of the day, it is money that matters. Nobody knows names of beggars, everybody knows the rich.

In a nutshell, Messgae#4 Become financially literate.

My last of all message is to keep trying new things. The world has abundant amount of opportunities, all you have to do is abduct some, use it to your full potential and it may work wonders. When people talk about grabbing opportunities most people assume it to be grand or something.

But let me tell you this there is an opportunity to do something with your life from the very moment you open your eyes in the morning from the sleep. Apart from that, all the small offers that are made to you are nothing but opportunities. Like being a part of a sports team, debate team, festing team or any other team for that matter. An opportunity may also be fun like an invitation to a party, an opportunity to work somewhere etc.

The best example of understanding this message could be to relate it to a movie. In this case let’s take Dear Zindagi, what an awesome movie it was! In the movie, Shahrukh Khan always says to Alia Bhatt to keep trying new chairs, although the context was different the meaning is the same. You can’t be stuck with your mundane stuff, you have to try new ones too.

A word of caution here, when you are trying incredible things just be careful that these experiments of yours don’t hurt the feelings of the people around you especially your friends and family. They are the pillars and the foundation of anything you do in your life, keep it intact forever.

In a nutshell, Message#5 Try new things & love your FFF (Family, Friends Forever).


HAPPY 2018!

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