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First time flying with Air India be like..

Hi everyone.

It’s vacation time and air traffic is at its peak. It is expected from all the airlines to provide the best of all services at low prices. Does Air India fulfill the above-mentioned criteria to emerge victorious in this intense competition?

Read and find out yourself.

I traveled from Air India on 22 December 2017 from Bengaluru-Mumbai-Jodhpur in economy class obviously ( I’m not that rich lol.) Anyways, first of all, I got a student concession at the time of booking the flight. In addition to that, I could carry luggage up to 25Kg which is one of the best things while traveling by Air India.

The takeoff was delayed due to congestion at the airport and instead of departing at 6:45 am, the flight took off at 7:10am around but compensated the delay during the flight and the flight landed in Mumbai at 8:30am, 5 minutes late.

Specifications about the Bengaluru-Mumbai flight

1. The leg space is pretty decent and I think is bigger than most of the airlines I’ve traveled with.

2. They served breakfast which included Idli Sambhar ( Not Tasty at all), coffee (decent), bun and butter, fruits ( one piece of watermelon, papaya, and one grape), and there was upma as well ( I’m not sure though).

3. The last thing, they had newspaper kept inside the flight, so the time passed really fast.

It’s on my bucket list to go Mumbai. Though I didn’t see the city, I got the chance to see the airport and it’s amaaaaaazing. It’s such a classy airport with aesthetic art pieces displayed all around. The airport is so huge that it took me a little while to figure out my way to the departure gate, the reasons being the excessive congestion at the security check and the lack of female staff for security check-in, that’s why even the air hostesses had to undergo the security check-in along with the passengers.

Mumbai- Bengaluru flight specifications:

1. The flight got delayed again thanks to the excessive congestion at the airport. Instead of taking off at 9:45am It the takeoff took place around 10:10am.

2. I had a seat next to the exit door this time and I realized that the good thing about it is the insane amount of leg space.

The insane amount of leg space near the exit door.

The limitation of seating here is that I can’t keep my handbag under the seat. I always felt it was more convenient than keeping in the overhead cabin. In addition to that, an air hostesses always sat in front of me during the take-off and landing because of which I couldn’t shoot a video for this blog.😀😀

3. Snacks served included coffee (decent enough), sandwich ( plane but eatable), bun, namkeen, sabji and desert. I wish I could take a picture of the food, but I was so damn hungry that I concentrated more on eating then clicking a picture.

On whole, I liked the service of Air India and the fact that they free food is really good in comparison to Indigo or even Air Asia for that matter. Few pointers before ending the blog post:

1. I don’t understand as to why the female air hostesses wear saree? I understand that’s it reflects our culture and traditions but still, the question lingers, in case of emergency won’t the dress hamper the service to be provided by the crew member?

2. The packaging of the food is good and the contents taste okay but they can make it a bit of scrumptious and add a bit more taste to the food.

3. During the take-off and landing, the aircraft makes a hell lot of noise and it’s at par with Indigo. I’ve been on other flights as well, even they do make noise but not to the extent to which Air India does.

4. The crew members are genuinely helpful. I had no problem in changing my flight, the commercial staff gave proper guidance on how to go about it.

How was your first experience of Air India or any other flight? Do tell us in the comment section below.


Happy Vacations.

Happy flying.


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