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The Redlisted Movie of the Moment: Kingsman The Golden Circle


Manners Maketh Man.


I don’t know what is about this movie that keeps me transfixed to simply say Woah ho! What a movie man! Oops a Kingsman rather. Lol!

I’m really upset about the fact that I’m watching this movie so late that too on my laptop and not inside a cinema hall instead. Let me tell this to all my readers, this movie is made to be watched on a huge screen with an awesome sound system.

I won’t talk about the plot of the movie, or give you any spoilers. But I will bluntly state out the reasons as to why I would recommend this movie to everyone.

  1. Okay, first I agree with the fact that the plot of both the Kingsman movie makes no sense at all, at least in the real life though. But what is more important in this movie is the fast gripping narrative, the style of storytelling and commendable acting by the everyone in the film.
  2. Being an action lover myself, the combo pack of some insane action sequences along with some sassy music deserves a thunderous applause. Oh! I wish I could play the Kingsman theme music.

The link is right here:

  1. The last and the most important thing, the message of companionship, brotherhood, loyalty, friendship, commitment and instinct of doing the right thing is communicated in an absolutely impeccable and stellar way. There is no next best alternative or opportunity cost I rather say.

So, a big thumbs up to the movie on whole. Do spare your time and both the Kingsman movie, you’ll surely thank me later on.

What is your review of the movie? Put in the comment section below.



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