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My Thrive Experience 2017

Thrive the business fest of The Department of Management Studies, Christ University started on 16th November 2017 and ended on 30 December 2017, but for me sadly, it ended on 29th November 2017.

Anyways, I won’t go into intricacies of the event much just bits and pieces here and there. What I am going to share with you all today is my experience of Thrive 2017.


My PR fam!!


I took part in the event called Public Relations and reached till Top 7. My personal take on the event is that Public relations event is very deceptive in nature. The prompt evidence being its name itself. Most people believe PR to be just defence oriented, but trust me guys it’s just one of the many dimensions of PR. Essentially PR deals with dominating people’s perception and terminating their power of being judgmental towards a product/service/ or a human.

I joined PR on the advice of two people, my mom and my senior and it turned out so positively. When I joined PR, I had a pile of thoughts, When I left PR, I had created a structure out of them. And the most important lesson I learned from my 14 days of festing was that, that there is nothing right or wrong, it’s just people’s perception towards it, which can be easily revamped.

Our event heads used to give us the most challenging yet engaging tasks from a variety of genres like Music, Politics, Conspiracy theories, business proposals, business strategies etc. Though the tasks were never supposed to be overnight, yet it stretched on and I enjoyed my sleepless nights, researching and brainstorming about the same.

In addition to the daily rounds, I also experienced two more rounds frequently addressed as Stress Rounds and On Spot Rounds. The names may sound self-explanatory but as always are misleading. Stress round isn’t much about stress but rather standing in front of your event head like a chaotic mute, where you know everything, just that it doesn’t make sense to everyone. On the other hand, we had the On-Spot rounds specially designed to check the stability of thoughts, spontaneity and nonsensical ideas.

Festing requires a lot of blood, sweat and tears (BTS Army obviously). Besides that, tactics and pitching your thoughts forward makes a hell lot of impact. Tactics of managing your time by bunking the right classes, pitching properly primarily to keep the integrity of the ideas all together is a paramount necessity.

I blew away my time so much on Thrive that I didn’t even realize that 30th November i.e. today is officially the end of Thrive 2017- The Launchpad.

Future for me at this present moment is lots and lots of rest. Furthermore, tomorrow I will go on an expedition once again for rummaging myself inside the blank space of the world.

Thanks for reading.

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