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If I could savour every moment right,

If I could justify my doomed plight,

If I could explain my sister,

I feel alright.

It’s just nothingness that went into my mind.

If at all I could.


I hate the word ‘If’ coz people always bluff around it.

Out of nowhere some gaps arise,

take away my morning sunrise.

And now I’m committing the same crime people did,

Using the ‘If’ word, as I like it.


It’s funny how transitions happen,

While domesticating yourself to the new environment.

Heredity doesn’t accept you,

You don’t accept you,

And expect people to accept you.

It’s funny how you make transitions happen.


My plight is as crestfallen as yours is.

If you see me in a smiling photograph,

Don’t be jealous, there’s a whole lot of history behind it.


We’re always taught that time passed will never come back,

Never taught that time wasted, will hit you hard on your back.


Words can be molded, heart can be scolded,

But your brain SADLY can never be blindfolded.


Being in regiment always felt like a crime,

Being a loner, akin to a shrine.

It’s just nothingness that went into my mind.



Sleep away, the universal panacea for anything and everything.

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