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Semester 1 @ChristUniversity


Love this class Dab!

I can’t believe the first semester is over at Christ University. Because according to me it didn’t pass away, it ran away. That’s how things happen at Christ University, you have everything here except time. And believe me, guys I’m not fooling around.

When I first joined Christ, I literally didn’t expect anything. With 17 years of my life that is what I’ve learned. Don’t keep expectations and look how things positively turnout for you.

Anyways, the first day at Christ was subjected to an ambivalent feeling. It came to an end only after the orientation was over for the freshers’. There were some things in the orientation which was boring, some scary, some confusing but the VC’s speech was amazing. I mean I loved it!

Here are some points to keep in mind before coming to the college.

  1. Keep to the dress code or you are screwed. My personal point of this being there is so much in this university to do that eventually you will stop grunting about the dress code. For me, that transition took place in a month.
  2. Your ID cards will be checked more than you will be asked about yourself. And they’ll make sure to click and put the worst photo of your life on that damn ID card, that too on both the sides.
  3. Fathomless opportunities are available during and after the college hours, all you need to do is put in some serious hard work and learn to manage your time and set your priorities.
  4. Attendance bothers so much here. 85 % percentage is minimum to give your examinations. And that’s not easy to get if you belong to the category of latecomers.


  1. Survived in PG for an entire semester-  Honest feedback: Living in a PG is so much better than living in a hostel, you will realize it once you join the college.
  2. Participated in Vistas (My Department’s intra – business fest)-ONE HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE 
  3. Participated in the freshers’ quiz- DIDN’T EVEN QUALIFY, POOR ME. 
  4. Joined Centre for Social Action- In Media and Communication Wing, BECAUSE SERVICE COMES FIRST. 
  5. Had a failed attempt in Zealous Auditions in street play and mime- I FELT BAD FOR THIS ONE. 
  6. Participated in freshers’ day dance performance-  CRAZY DAY, CRAZY PEOPLE. 
  7. Attended a workshop on Digital Storytelling Organized by Department of Media Studies in their annual event – Media Meet
  8. TRUE FEEDBACK: A workshop that was conducted on Sunday, costs me 600 bucks, gave me a certificate and taught me two words SEO and LBB.
  9. Visited the Lalbagh/Cubbon Park
  10. Visited Urban Slums of Bengaluru namely- Ambedkarnagar & L.R. Nagar
  11.  Attended a 2-day personality day workshop in the campus itself: FREE FULL DAY ATTENDANCE FOR DOING NOTHING. 
  12. Went for an Industrial Visit to Sansera.
  13. Learned CorelDraw/Photoshop/Video Production (ONLY BITS AND PIECES OF IT)- in generic elective course.
  14. Part of the ESPIRIT (international intercollegiate fest) –Documentation team. WORKING FOR ESPRIT WAS THE BEST TIME OF COLLEGE IN THE FIRST SEMESTER. 
  15.  Member of the E-cell of The Department of Management Studies.
  16. Made it to the second round of Book Review Competition- AND LOST BECAUSE MY LUCK DIDN’T WORK AND I DID NOT PREPARE ANYTHING. 
  17. Made it to the second round of Manthan (Some Business Competition)- BUT UNFORTUNATELY, A TRAGEDY HAPPENED AND I FELT REALLY HORRIBLE WHEN I HAD TO LEAVE THE COMPETITION. 
  18. Watched Tons of movies and Tv Shows. Follow me on Twitter @salonilodha80 to find out more.

Coming to studies in college. There is 40% study and rest is practical applications in the form of endless presentations, assignments, sums and what not. In the past four and half months, I have started a fictitious startup called home bowl, created an absurd company called subtle scholars along with reincarnation of Comfy Footwear, critically analyzed the contingency theory of Fred fielder and what not.


It is important to note that in case you desire to take BBA as your undergraduate degree while studying commerce in plus 2, study properly in the school and then the college studies would become a cakewalk for you. Because usually in the first semester you are taught accounts from the basics of making journals, studying the various concepts of accounting, doing accounting equations etc. So, make sure when you come to college bring your accounts and business studies books of 11th and 12th and you won’t need books at least for the first semester.

Also, at Christ, we studied 6 subjects and one generic elective course in the first semester. Mine were

  1. Management concepts- BST OF CLASS 12TH  
  2. Financial Accounting- Journal, Ledger, BRS, Final Accounts, Subsidiary books, Trial Balance. 
  3. Business Mathematics- matrix, determinants, commercial math and calculus 
  4. Organizational Behavior- Perception, Personality, Learning, Motivation etc. 
  5. English- All about death genre
  6. Additional English- Indian Literature
  7. Introduction to Media Productions- Corel Draw, Photoshop and Video Production


In my first semester, all things and events happening in the college seemed so bizarre at the first instance that I got confused and muddled up at every step. But every time I got perplexed I said to myself don’t fear, just go with the flow and frankly speaking it worked wonders.

Also,  The most valuable lesson I Learnt in the first semester was that it is important to keep trying new and different things. Just don’t be afraid to try, because if you don’t try you won’t be able to find your true passion and fancy yourselves with different life-changing experiences.

Keep trying because it’s still summer, in winter, you won’t have that much time.


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