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Review: Om Made Cafe & Tenzin Kitchen (Kormangala,Bengaluru)

Esprit, the international intercollegiate fest of the Department of Management Studies, Christ University is finally over and I just got some time off to go out, chill and pen down my thoughts, for I feel it has been ages since I have posted anything.

So let’s get started!

Place #1 Om Made Cafe

Ten-second takeaway:

Om Made Cafe is a rooftop cafe existing in 5th Block, Koramangala which according to me, is worth exploring only once.

Pro-Con Analysis


1. Good Ambience: The ambiance of this rooftop cafe is amazing. The fresh Bengaluru air alongside a burning candle was an incredible experience. The decor of the cafe had an antique touch to it and was classy enough for Instagram uploads.

One Candle can light up my world.


1. Legit expensive: The moment I entered the place and saw the ambiance, I experienced the adrenaline rush gasping into my ears and telling me to get out or soon turn into a broke.

My fantasies turned into reality when I saw the bill- 480 bucks just for 2 deserts. wp-image-1332471779
2. Slow Service: The service bothered me a lot. The time in between the placing of the order and actually relishing your food was huge.

3. The Taste: Had the taste being amazing, I wouldn’t cringe so much about the money and the never-ending time gaps. But unfortunately whatever I ate; the taste was just average.

To Sum Up: Om Made Cafe is a good option to consider for high tea or snack time. For proper dinner or lunch, it’s simply not worth walking in.

Address: No. 136, Evergreen PARC, Rooftop, 1st Cross Road, 5th Block,, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095

PHONE: 080 2553 3369

Place #2 Tenzin kitchen

Ten-second takeaway: 

Tenzin kitchen, situated in 7th block Koramangala is a Tibetan Style restaurant, worth stepping in multiple times.

Pro- Con Analysis:


1. Affordable & Quality Food: A cheap place whose scrumptious food is hard to find. Tenzin kitchen is one of the rarest gems of Koramangala which is capable of providing good food at affordable price.

When I went out with my friends I ordered:

A. Veg Manchurian

B. Hakka Noodles

C. Mojito

All the above-listed items cost me only 270 bucks with a considerable quantity of each.

2. Amazing Service: What makes this place one of the gems of Koramangala is the fast delivery of food.

I loathe killing my time by waiting in restaurants and any restaurant that fulfills this criterion automatically comes up on my priority list.


In spite of me repeatedly calling this place a gem, it has a flaw. The limitation is that the restaurant isn’t big enough to accommodate a lot of people and during peak hours is vulnerable to getting crowded.

But, do go and check it out once.

ADDRESS: 407, 1st C Main Rd, 7th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095

PHONE: 097314 53282

That’s it guys.

I hope you liked reading it. Let me know your reviews of the places mentioned in the comments section below.



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