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A Day In My Life #2

14th August 2017

Today I literally felt appalled with myself for I woke up at 6 in the morning. After doing up the routine work I headed to college at 8:40 am.

I was amazed to see the strength of my class. Only a few out of 88 turned up and I was one among them.

The reason was obvious, the day after was Independence day and the day before was Sunday.

I had 3 hours of morning class:

9-10 am – Additional English

10-11am – Financial Accounting

11-12 – Management Concepts

12-2 was free so I and my friends went to McDonald’s to grab something.

Subsequently, I did manage to get some clicks at the Forum Mall for you all.

Ignore me. I’m in my messiest condition possible.

My friends.

From Left to Right: Anubhuti, Naomi and Imu.

We returned to college and found out that the next hour ( Business Mathematics) was free.

I passed my time by playing and watching people play table tennis.

( It’s actually the first time I played it and I realized how horrible I’m at TT)

The last hour of the day was Organizational Behaviour at birds park. In the process of waiting for me and my classmates ended up playing ice water and clicking photos.

When our instructor arrived we urged her to set us free to witness the patriotic song competition and surprisingly she nodded in agreement.

(Patriotic song competition- Zealous production performance)

After the competition around 4 pm, I headed back to my PG to take some rest and run back to Big Bazar to buy daily utility items.

Back from Big Bazar, I wrapped up the adventures of the day at bliss junkies.

When I came back to my PG I did was I always do: Reposed.


Sleep away, the universal panacea for anything and everything.

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