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A Day In My Life #1

I’m starting a little series called Days in My Life Be like.  It’s kind of like a daily blog on what I do every day.

I hope you guys like and enjoy reading it.

Let’s get started.

13th August 2017, Sunday

Like a typical student, I aspired to wake up early in the morning. But aspirations and reality never intersect and as usual, I woke up late, around 9:00 am.

I always look forward to Sunday morning because of two things:

1. Obviously, it’s a holiday- a relaxing day.

2. I get Dosa in my PG for breakfast, which is so damn tasty. Being a North Indian, Dosa is my favourite food of South India. I like it to the extent that I can have it throughout the day i.e. for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

After having my breakfast, me and my roommate Mrinal cleaned up the room. Frankly speaking, it was the most laborious task of the day.  And then afterwards Mrinal did some experiments with my hair.

This is what she did:

After getting ready we first headed to Chaat House to have lunch.

I personally recommend it to all people who want to try out something new with great taste that too at affordable prices.

I and Mrinal had Pao Bhaji (2), Dabeli and Tikki Chaat all under 330 bucks.

     How is the taste?

Mmm…Let me think.

It’s scrumptious.

The address and contact number are provided at the end of the blog.

After filling up our stomach we started walking on the streets and accidentally discovered this place:

It is a wholesale book shop worth stepping in. Not only do you find thousands of books but great schemes and incentives to buy them as well. Like I bought this book only for 100 bucks.

And now I can exchange it with any other book I like.

The contact details and address of this place are available at the end of this blog post.

After that, we booked a cab and headed to Cubbon Park around 4:00. It took us nearly an hour to reach Cubbon Park which deprived us of a lot of activities like bicycling, enjoying many shows etc. Even the museum was closed by 5:30 pm.

So guys the next time you go to Cubbon Park make sure you plan your visit in the morning hours.

Some pics of the visit:

That’s Mrinal:

After Cubbon Park, we headed to Big Bazaar for shopping but couldn’t purchase anything. Big Bazaar was crowded to the extent that we had no place to stand even.
Thus, we retreated to our third home, The Forum Mall. We had our dinner at Pizza hut and apparently it was also over crowded.

But still, a pizza is a pizza. You can never detest it, come what may.

Subsequently, the last thing of the day was shopping at Soch’s Red Dot Sale for Mrinal.

After that, we returned and the adventure of the day came to a fatiguing end.

And then I did what I always do:


The Chaat House

Address: #100, Koundinya Ground Floor,18th Main, 6th Block, Kormangala.

Contact: +917676440011, +918048506547                                                                                         Website: Click Here

Gift Books

Address: Munireddy Eeramma Kalyanamantapa, 6th Block, 60ft Road, Kormangala.         





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