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The World Of Game Of Thrones Lovers And Why I’m Not a Part Of This Squad.

Before the inception of my blog post, I would like to address my uninformed -alienated readers about the drama series Game Of Thrones that have taken the television/ the internet by storm.

G.O.T written by George R.R. Martin is about several royal families’ desire of the Iron Throne to gain control of Westeros. It’s also about the unveiling of the enigmatic sinister force that lurks beyond the wall in the north.

Let’s get started.

So when I now hear the name Game Of Thrones, I can think of only two things.

  1. Winter Is Coming– The tagline that you just can’t neglect because it has taken over the world. It’s literally everywhere. I can’t help but notice it on badges, wallpapers, laptop stickers, posters, profile pictures, cover pictures, youtube channels etc.

The most preposterous fact about this tagline is that although winter has already arrived in Game Of Thrones {G.O.T} yet the enthusiasm attached to the word has not died down.

Related image

Here’s are some typical examples:

Ex 1.

ME (intentionally asking :P)- Which season is going on?

GOT LOVER- I don’t know, but mm I think winter is coming. LOL!

Ex 2.

The other day I was discussing pets with my friend aka G.O.T LOVER. She out of nowhere proclaimed she wants to have a dire wolf. On enquiry, she justified her desire by replying, “Because Winter Is Coming.”

Idk Why?

  1. When is the next MONDAY?

Monday is supposed to be the worst day of all, presumably because it means the end of the weekend, it means the commencement of the 5 days break free work/college/school and infinite exhaustion. Surprisingly there is an entire song in the movie Go Goa Gone called “Khoon Choos Le” describing the dismay caused by Khooni Monday.

But despite that everyone waits for Monday to come. The reason of the bizarre longing is simple- NEW EPISODE OF G.O.T SEASON 7.

It is important that the entire cast and crew of G.O.T makes a note that their show has created an incessant obsession in the minds of the people. The obsession of watching the latest episode as and when it is released irrelevant of whether they have an exam to write tomorrow, an assignment to complete or any other important task to do.

G.O.T always comes first.



got 4

Like everyone else, I watched the season 1 of G.O.T just because many people recommended it to me. If you subtract some of the portions, I genuinely liked their way of storytelling and unfolding of the sinister plots. Subsequently, I even planned on watching the season 2 after the completion of the mid-semester examination.

But I never did.

And I don’t think I’ll watch it in future too (at least till the 1st semester).

The reasons are simple:

  1. It’s so long and time-consuming. Almost 10 hours a season.
  2. It creates an obsession which is hard to resist. The obsession of knowing what will happen next.

Fun Fact: recently reported this:

2017-08-09 (2)

  1. G.O.T kills productivity. It’s “kills em with kindness”. First, like I already mentioned it creates an obsession. This obsession triggers your brain to think about the events that are to take place in the show and hence loses on the time to contemplate on things that matter.

And before I present my second reason, I have a confession to make. I’m a movie freak. I love watching movies of different genres. (except love stories- I hate them) But the difference between my obsession and the obsession of a G.O.T lover is that I watch movies with different themes, different viewpoints, different plots, different cultures that provide me with enough space to perceive them as well as learn a lot from them. On the contrary, for a G.O.T lover, things happen so rapidly that there’s hardly any time to digest what happened let alone the perception part.

  1. Most importantly it feels good to be different. I think I’m the only person among all the G.O.T lovers/G.O.T watchers who discontinued it after the first season without any legit reason.

People do get astounded when I tell them that I’ve withdrawn myself from watching G.O.T- the reason being- I just felt like doing so.

got 3

But Still………

To end on a positive note…

G.O.T one of the most amazing shows ever created. They have a 9.5 rating on imdb and 95% on rotten tomatoes and they deserve every hype they receive. The hard work, creativity, and dedication put in the show are unfathomable.

So watch it. Do watch it once in your lifetime.

The only word of caution is that watching and completing G.O.T does not mean a big accomplishment in your life. So, don’t be obsessed. Watch it for fun.

(Update: I watched all the seasons of Game of Thrones, Though a bit long, the plotline is amazing and I would certainly recommend you to watch it once when free.)


Sleep away, the universal panacea for anything and everything.

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