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Cafe Corner

Explore a Café which is all about fresh juices!


Ten Second Takeaway

Café Corner in the 0 cross SG Pallaya has the most amazing fresh juices available in less than 5 minutes.

What Is It?

It’s Café with a twist in the tale.

The Café goes on to provide you with fresh juices, snacks and ice creams at affordable prices. To be precise less than 100 bucks.

What is more amazing than getting a hand on fresh orange juice in less than two minutes with the 30 bucks in your wallet?

Who Is It For?

For Health-Conscious nerds, because fresh juices are the new trendsetters.

Also for all Christies, whose parents want them to lead a healthy lifestyle.

What Is On Offer?

All juices and shakes you possibly can imagine off.

Also, besides the café, you have two popular street vendors of SG Pallaya selling the most talked about snacks on Instagram- Pani puri & Momos. And Praise the Lord it’s that scrumptious to eat.

Must Drink

Blue Lime. That’s my personal favorite. With a tangy touch, this drink provides you refreshing moments worth reliving in seconds.

P.S. Insta Photo approvals.

More About The Experience

I found my way to Café Corner on the day I joined Christ University. And finding this place accidently was a blessing in disguise. For in no time I have developed an addiction with no negative consequences and it’s pretty awesome.

Go Check It out Guys!

Update: This cafe is unfortunately closed now.  Xpress Chai has opened in the same place.


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