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Sal’s Travelogue #3


(That’s me)

Welcome back to my travel blog series.

11th May 2017/ 13th May 2017


Well, the good thing about being a nomad is that you get to live a lot many lives and experiences. Another of my enriching experiences was the flight from Jodhpur to Bengaluru via Jet Airways.  And the subsequent flight from Bengaluru to Jaipur via Indigo.

These two companies have no correlation at all except the fact that both cater to improving the flying experiences of their customers in their own unique methodologies.

Jet Airways ticket costed me and my dad a whopping sum of rupees thirty thousand and on the other hand, Indigo costed us ten thousand rupees. The amount is definitely lofty in both the cases because of the last minute bookings. But the sheer difference in their so-called “lofty” amounts indicates the two assorted approaches each of the mentioned entity followed in providing their services.

What were these approaches?

Well, when I traveled from the Jet Airways I could sense the aroma of rich services there.  Services like jet screen; equipped with all the trending movies as well as tv shows, then the breakfast and lunch, and the smooth take off and landing. All these made my journey a very comfortable one. But it all came at a huge cost.

On the other hand while traveling from Indigo my experience altered. Everything inside the flight cost me something starting from a simple coffee to the breakfast. There was no facility for entertainment and the take-off and landing was not at all smooth in comparison to jet. In short, it was mere cheap thrills. But at least it was cheap.

So if you were in my situation what would you prefer?

A flight which cost more and provided good services or a flight which was cheap and did not provide so good facilities.

I encounter such problems all the time.I’m sure you too. Only the products and the services change but the base problem remains the same; the problem of choice.

The problem of choice is one of the most mind bobbling problems in our lives. Both the flights took me to my desired destination but gave me different treatments as a customer. So goes in life. We all are the customers of its services. What makes the difference is the ability to make choices while selecting these services which lead on to dictate our future. Like Robert Frost said in his most famous poem, “The Road Not Taken”

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

Jumping up to the conclusion: Make your life choices in a very diligent manner because they decide the future you.

11th May 2017


Most people end up buying books from the online bookstore or the real bookstore. But, thanks to the endless traveling from the past few weeks I found a few more places where you can hunt for good books.

These are:

  • The Airport
  • The Railway Station
  • The Metro Station

Yes, public places nowadays have become a great spot for book lovers. Although their stock is limited but worth searching in.

I ended up buying most of the good books I have from these places.

Some of the books I bought are:

  1. Mrs. Funnybones by Twinkle Khanna
  2. Rich Dad and Poor Dad by Robert T Kiyosaki
  3. The Alexander Secret by Christopher C Doyle
  4. How to win friend and influence people by Dale Carnegie

11th May to 13th May


(The outside view of Christ University, Bengaluru. The campus is really beautiful.)

You remember friends in my first and second travelogues I talked about giving my Christ entrance test.

Well on 4th May 2017 I received an email from the University offering me the admission seat for BBA course. I was blown away at the very first instance. I mean at the very first place I never thought I would qualify.

Nevertheless, I looked at the admission process. It was baffling. They wanted me to submit the entire first-year fee of rupees 1.3 lakh along with the non-refundable fees of 5000 on or before 12th May. Although there was a cancellation policy, still my mom and dad were not at all happy. They kept on asking me why the private institution was taking the money before the declaration of the 12th board results?

I didn’t respond, after all, I had no answer. But that email left me in a very disturbing situation. I could not leave Christ for I had no other options. Delhi University was definitely the institution where my inclination was but I didn’t expect myself to score anywhere above 93%. And the other universities like Symbiosis and Narsee Monjee were too costly for just an undergraduate course.

What could I’ve done?

So that’s why we( me and my dad) went to Bengaluru for. To deposit the money, to book my seat. So that if I could not get anywhere, at least there would be a backup.

13th May 2017


I came back to Jaipur from Bengaluru on 13th morning. There is this amazing facility which Indigo provide to its customers called fast forward at just rupees 400. Availing this facility helps you to get your luggage very fast i.e. you get it as soon as you deboard the flight.

Anyways I came to Jaipur to give the NPAT exam. It’s the entrance test for Narsee Monjee, Mumbai. The exam was not good. Especially the quantitative section. It was difficult for me. The reasoning and English were pretty easy.

Afterward I headed back to my hometown Jodhpur after the 5hour journey.

The day rested in peace. And I did was I always do, reposed.

That’s it friends.

That’s the end of my third Travelogue. I hope you liked it. Awaiting your precious feedback in the comments section below.

#happytravelling #happyliving.

Any questions? Any suggestions?

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With love,

Saloni Lodha


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