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Sal’s Travelogue #2


Hi folks!
Welcome back to my travel blog series.

2nd May 2017


I wake up at 7:30am, do my routine morning work. But still I feel jittery. Why you ask? Because today is the day. Today is supposed to be my interview for the Christ University.

Subsequently I refurbish myself up, get properly dressed, make a side braid and leave for the Sarai metro station. It’s a 15 minute journey from the place where I have been living for the past 3 days.

It’s 9:37am. I’m getting more apprehensive as the metro we(me and my aunt) wish to board hasn’t arrived.

And then, after a few moments of patience, I see the blurred vision of the metro we have been waiting for, become clear.

The journey to our destination takes almost 2hours and 30minutes. But thankfully we reach on time.

The selection process​ of the Christ is very different than what I had expected it to be. First, they have given me two topics to write upon. They are:

1. Ethics in work place.

2. How my school has been instrumental in my development holistically.

As i have completed writing two miniature articles I am asked to move to the basement, where the interview is scheduled.

My heart is in my mouth, as I am waiting here for my turn. After approximately 10 minutes I am called in. The people who I thought were supposed to badger me with questions, are in fact really humble.

They first ask me to fill the particulars of some form. And have now turned to ask me some really general questions. The follow up questions are actually based on my replies to their previous questions.

Here I learned some really important points about a successful interview.

They are:

1. Interviewers are chatty people. They love talking. And your only job is to evoke their interest in your talk. To engage them in your words and your stories.

2. Play a safe game. Don’t try to answer more than what they ask.

For example​ if you specialize in throwing yorkers in a cricket match, don’t be stupid to try a bouncer, when you are in the field. The result will obviously be a six from the opponent’s side.

3. Be confident and always carry that lovely smile on your face.

4. Sometimes it may happen that you don’t know the answer. The first thing you should do is be calm and not panic. And instead of avoiding the question or being mum, simply be honest by conveying to the listener that your knowledge falls short on that particular topic.

5. Be positive, be you. I know that sounds really philosophical, but it’s the best remedy for the high level of anxiety that proliferates while giving an interview.

3rd/4th May 2017


My Delhi adventure comes to a halt after the Christ interview. I’m heading back home today.

The interesting thing about this journey is that for the first time, I’m traveling solo from Delhi to Jodhpur via train.

Update from the Delhi railway station: I’m in the train. My aunt has left. And I’m by myself now.

Here’s an inside view of my surroundings: In the front seat, there is an elderly man sleeping.( Whom I assume, has’t slept for ages.)

To my extreme left, their is another elderly person. The only difference between the both lies in their gender.

Except for the two elderly citizens, I don’t have anybody else near my vicinity. My idea of talking to a strange young spirit is shattered because of it’s absence.

Anyways, after wasting time watching the floor of the train, the outside view, my bags, the books, the cellphone and other 20 more things, I make an attempt to commence a good, lengthy conversation with the elderly woman.

It goes like this.

Me : “Where are you heading to?”

The elderly woman: Jaipur. And you?

Me: Jodhpur.

The conversation snapped in half a minute. I wasn’t expecting this at all.

Afterwards, I do some math and figur out that this is an 8hour journey. Even if I sleep for 4 hours, listen to music for an hour and watch a movie of 2 hours, I still would have 60 minutes with me.

That is really an appalling result. Because this means talking to the elderly woman for at least 60 times along with half a minute break each to pass my time.

But that is exactly what does not happen.

To my astonishment, at the very next station 4 south Indian people board the train. They belong to the middle age group, I sigh with relief. At least now I can talk to someone​ next to my age group.

Which I do. It isn’t as long as I expected it to be, but definitely longer than my previous conversation.

At 5:30am i.e. on 4th May I finish my journey in a very safe and secure manner. Positive vibes are running around right now, because after this journey I can really get to hear my mom and dad say, “You actually have grown up.”
Some tips while travelling Solo via train, based on my first experience.

1. Don’t exchange your seat, unless it’s absolutely necessary.

2. Passing time is really hard, especially in long journeys. Prepare yourself for that. Find like minded people, but never ever reveal any personal information. Be very careful in choosing the person you would like to have an conversation with.

Also, to pass time the best remedy is to do everything slowly just like a sloth, even if it’s going to the washroom. Be slow. You have got plenty of time.

3. Be alert. Also make sure that you keep an eye on all your baggages​, instead of dumping them in one corner.

4. Don’t charge your phone in the train, unless absolutely necessary.

5. Enjoy every moment of your journey. Also don’t get too engrossed in your cellphone, iPad etc. Be aware of your surroundings.

6. Last but not the least, don’t take anything from anyone. Nothing at all. Carry your own food, money etc but don’t borrow.

5th May 2017


Yes. I’m packing again. I have the entrance exam of Symbiosis University tomorrow. We (me and my dad) will be leaving for Jaipur, early in the morning. This time instead of the train, we will be traveling by a car.

6th May 2017


Good morning. Wake up at 4:30am. Get dressed. And then jump into the car at 5:30am.

The first thing I do after getting seated is to check the distance between me and my destination on Google Maps. A 357.8km journey only (one way).


I hate the word “only”. The adjective is very indifferent to it’s users.

Anyways. The distance covered was not as important as was the purpose of going to Jaipur, which was the SET exam.

How was the paper?

I don’t know. I’m not in a position to judge whether it was good or bad. What I know is that the exam is over, and I’m celebrating.

That’s it people.

That’s the end of my second Travelogue. I hope you liked it. Awaiting your precious feedback in the comments section below.

#happytravelling #happyliving.

Any questions? Any suggestions?

Email me :

With love,

Saloni Lodha


Sleep away, the universal panacea for anything and everything.

7 thoughts on “Sal’s Travelogue #2

    1. I know..I remember my message on the card..But u have to understand my situation..All this admission process, my commitment to writing this Travelogue and the new assignment of writing my second spoken word poetry..Is keeping me busy..So busy that I’m not even able to see bahubali the conclusion..

      But don’t u worry, I don’t forget my promises, the write-up for my editor will be on this blog till June, equipped with all the fashionable words u can not even imagine. Until then patience.


  1. I loved it man! It’s so so so realistic, surely you gave many an idea as to how many catch 22 one would have to face to get in there.
    Thanks yaar, I’m feeling way better now. Love youuu ;):):)

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