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Sal’s Travelogue #1

Hi folks! Welcome back to my travel blog series.
19th April 2017:


Well today I am just packing. I’ll be leaving tomorrow to my grandma’s place. It’s a 4 hour journey and I think we’ll be taking a stop in between; at Bar Midway possibly. We are going to travel by car; I love car journeys.

For the time being I am trying to pack my stuff in an organized manner. Even mom is not helping, she says you have grown old, passed twelfth grade, do it yourself. 

Ah! I wish I was a kid. 

20th April 2017


Woke up in the morning at 4:40. Had coffee. Dressed up and I was ready to travel. We( me, dad and our driver) left for Gulabpura ( my grandma’s house) at 5:30. But after 10 minutes it felt like a never ending journey. My dad was sleeping and there seemed to be no cure for this boredom until the light bulb moment. I had my cellphone, I had the wynk music app and I had ear plugs. So I took  out all the accessories and “GOT LUCKY.” ( In case you don’t know that’s​ a song by Daft Punk).

Two hours passed.

We reached The Midway ( Barr) on time. After​ guzzling my favorite idli sambhar of the RTDC Motel Barr, we headed to the bus station. My grandfather was supposed to pick me from there for the rest of the journey. Which duely happened. 

The only humorous thing that happened in the left over journey was Iggy Azalea’s fancy. How?

Keep guessing, I will reveal it later.

23rd April 2017 


Woke up at 4am in the morning. From Gulabpura ( Rajasthan ) left for Jaipur by car at 5am. 

I have one question.

I don’t know why, but whenever I travel, especially in the car, except the driver it is only me who is awake.

Having an insomnia or what?

Never mind. Reached Jaipur at 8:00. So after dropping my brother to the exam center, we had a glimpse of the educational facilities in the city. In short I with my uncle and aunt saw hostel, coaching institutes like allen,fiitjee,akaash, vibrant etc.

At 2:30 left for Manipal University. My God it is so damn huge. I was awestruck for a moment seeing the mamonth buildings. It was such a colossal building supplemented with the natural effect.

I had an entrance exam there. It went well. After that we had our dinner at a typical Indian restaurant and then waived goodbye to the pink city.

The day was planned to be hectic and in fact it did. Reached Gulabpura at 10:30.

And then, reposed.

27th April 2017


Woke at 5:30. Left for Jodhpur at 6:30. Reached at 11pm. 

Ineffable, indefinable emotions​ always sweeps across my face whenever I’m back home. It’s only the aura of home that makes me you feel at ease.

Don’t you agree?

28th April 2017


Woke up at 8:00. Kick-started my day with mom’s scrumptious breakfast. And then the usual routine, “Studied.” I’m still at home. But I have to leave for Delhi tonight at 11:15.

Update from the Jodhpur Railway Station: Reached the station half an hour early only to know that the train is late. But thanks to the Google’s​ Free Rail WiFi, the waiting didn’t seem like one.

29th April 2017


Reached Delhi at 11:00am. For the first time in my life did I board the Delhi metro. At first I felt a bit uneasy because of the huge crowd, but soon got adjusted and started liking it. And yes, travelling in a metro is smilar to travelling through the heart and soul of Delhi.

After switching metro from Central secretrait, we(me and my mom) left for faridabad, my aunt lives there.

And then, reposed. After all tomorrow is going to be a game changer day.

30th April 2017


Woke up at 5am. Got dressed, had breakfast and left for St. Xavier School (Christ exam center). I was shocked to see the crowd there. I didn’t expect over a thousand students for the same course, I wanted to pursue. Anyways I gave the entrance exam, which was a two hour long paper with negative marking.

How was it?

I don’t know myself. I just gave it. Although I hope for the best for I am still dubious when it come what to expect​. 

Subsequently, after the completion of the exam we(me, my mom and my aunt) boarded the nearest metro station and left for lajpat nagar, the shopping street of Delhi. It’s pretty reasonable when it comes to purchasing of clothes. And the biggest treat is the trendy clothes available in accordance with the latest vogue. 

How can I forget the tangy nimbu soda I had there. It was so refreshing after hours of wandering the streets of lajpat nagar under the hot sun.

And​ then, we went back home. I did, what I always do. Reposed.

That’s the end of my first Travelogue. I hope you liked it. Awaiting your precious feedback in the comments section below.

#happytravelling #happyliving.

Any questions? Any suggestions?

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With love,

Saloni Lodha


Sleep away, the universal panacea for anything and everything.

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