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Sal’s Travelogue


I am starting this new series of write-ups on my blog called Sal’s Travelogue. I hope you like it.

I’ll just give you a backdrop of this initiative, so the next time you read one of the pages of my travel diary, you can correlate it with me a bit more.

Well, it all started at a dinner party, in the backdrop of a lavish ambiance where I heard the narrative behind the philosophy ‘To Travel, is to Live.” And a lecture on its extended philosophy ‘To Travel, is to prosper.”

That was probably the first time in my life, that my heart echoed to pursue this wanderlust. And the cherry on the cake was me watching this amazing movie, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.”

It said all that I wanted to hear. It proved all the hypothesis of travel life.

That moment in life made me a nonchalant; an easy going person. A person who could easily seize the moment, seize the day a.k.a – Carpe Diem. And I am so grateful for it.

So, what does traveling mean to you Saloni?

Well, Traveling is a world in itself.  It isn’t just about seeing the picturesque, taking some great photos and leaving it behind. It’s about making memories with nature, it’s objects, its creatures. It’s about trying to find your identity in this gigantic world, an act of self-exploration I would rather say. It’s about bothering yourself with faces, lives of the brave men and women whose history might not recognize, which you will, only when you travel the world.

It means to me so much more than just a concept, an art of living maybe. It pushes you to do more, to achieve more, to live more by providing you with those succinct moments which later get entitled to be called, “My life-defining moment.”

Thus, when people ask me how much you wish to earn in your life?

I say it every time, only that much which could satisfy my appetite while I travel.

Bye folks. See you later, in the midst of travel life.

#happytravelling #happyliving.


Sleep away, the universal panacea for anything and everything.

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