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Hi everyone!

Welcome to the place where words come alive. That’s right. Welcome to my blog.

It’s been a very long time, that I haven’t done what I loved. I haven’t posted any of my write-up for almost an year. And for that I apologise from the bottom of my heart.

Through this small post I Just wanted all my readers to know that I am back. You can expect more blog posts coming by the end of this month.

But a question might linger in your mind,

What will you write about Saloni?

Well frankly I cannot commit to a particular row of thought or a specific topic in general. A thousand things bothers me, and I love a thousand things. So I can’t really thrust right now in a particular direction. After all I am still a teenage girl, exploring the world and it’s fantastic ideas.

But what you can expect is : maturity of thoughts the next time you read my blog. After all your writer is about to graduate from class XII. And I am really excited about that.

See you next time.

Happy reading. Happy blogging.

Saloni Lodha.


Sleep away, the universal panacea for anything and everything.

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