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The Roller Coaster Life of a DOCTOR

Hello friends!


Now get ready to hold your breath, fasten your seatbelts, because today we are going to take a ride. A ride through the roller coater life of a special person.

A person with huge potentials, intelligent memory and an exuberant nature. Some know this special person by the name of angel. Some by the name of devil. Some call him a philanthropist, while others a misanthropist. But I call this person a “DOCTOR.”

A doctor according to me is a finest human on earth. A human which spends the entire life for the people, by the people and with the people. He is so special that all his achievements, his sacrifice and his potentials are still obscure. What is known to the people is the darker side of life i.e. need for money.

The whole mankind claim to live in a contemporary world. Yet its beliefs date back to the antiquated ones. Its still not going in people’s brain that we need to look at the positive side and not the negative one. But still we are finding fault in our stars rather than counting stars.

I see so many people who still believe doctor to be a hardcore greedy bird. And so many people who don’t even miss a chance to scout on them. Now you might think that I am taking a sidestep with the doctors community, well I am not. I am actually taking the sidestep of truth.
You want to know how?
Then be ready to open up your closed eyes..

The reality is though people are educated and some uneducated, yet most of them are ignorant. Let’s consider a situation. There is a man whose one of the close relative is extremely ill. He goes to a doctor and cajoles him for help. The doctor agrees. The man starts considering the doctor as GOD. He starts developing the blind faith for him. But as you all know death is inevitable. So after some time, he get to know that despite the doctor’s constant efforts, his relative is dead. Now the situation become tense. Amidst the tense situation, the doctor comes into the scene and asks for the fee (which is needed to survive the world). The man’s blood starts boiling. The emotions of anger and sadness completely destroy his thinking capacity. He suddenly starts believing that he is deceived by the greedy doctor. In reaction to the whole situation, the man goes to the court, files a case against the doctor  and demands a compensation on a ground that his relative was killed.

Now what do you think happens after that? The possibilities are many. The doctor might win the case, the doctor might lose the case. But actually the person who suffers the most is no doubt, “THE DOCTOR.” And this is the pitiful situation of our country where in a matter of seconds an angel becomes a devil.

But my dear friends, you all know that the earth can be peaceful for us only when we see the positive aspects of it and eliminate the negative ones. As some one rightly said,

Darkness cannot remove darkness, only light can. In the same way hatred cannot remove hatred, only love can.

So all we need is a little love and a lot of respect for the person who  spends almost his entire life curing the ailments of others.

Thanks for reading!

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