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The Art of being SIMPLE


Today I am not going to write an article for you but tell you a short story.

The Golden Words Of My GRANDMA

One fine morning I was walking with grandmom through the forest area. While walking she abruptly stopped in the middle of the walk and asked, “What is art?”

I was shocked to hear such a strange question at such a strange time. But thereafter a while I pondered over it and gave the best possible answer I could.

I earnestly replied, ” the conscious production or arrangement of sounds, colors, forms, movements, or other elements in a manner that affects the senses and emotions is called art.”

I think she seemed perplexed by my reply so she again asked me in the same monotonous voice, “What is actually art?

I was a little peeved on hearing the same question again, and I did have that frowning expression on the face, but still, I replied respectfully,” it is a skillful activity usually with an aesthetic focus.”

On hearing that I think she had a grin on her face which made me realize that now she was able to comprehend my statements.

But on the whole, It was quite astonishing to me as to why she was not able to understand me. It was the first time it ever happened so I asked her,

Grandma why you were not able to understand the meaning of art at the very first instance?

She gave me a big smile this time. Bigger than the previous grin and said in a very polite manner, which seemed quite amicable and inspiring to me.

Its a matter of being simple my dear. You know because your whole life is like your Mathematics book. There are endless problems in it. But you can’t run from them for they are a part of your book. So in the end what you actually do? You try to simplify all the problems. And that is exactly what life demands- “SIMPLICITY”.
Because simplicity is the soul of our lives. It enriches us, purifies us and no matter what the situation is it never betrays us. You know  I always wanted to ask a question to you. why all the scientists took years to discover something new?

I gave the expected answer.” No grandma.”

Its because they fail to understand a simple fact of life. That is that simple approaches towards things help us to discover the undiscovered.  But they like a bozo spend their entire lives running after the complex approaches and its only in the end that they get to realize that even simple approach would have worked!
And through all this, I didn’t mean to trouble you but just wanted to make you realize that no matter how pauper or elite you become, you should always be simple.

These golden words of my grandma had a deep imprint in my life which inspired me a lot.

It was after this incident that I understood the true meaning of the words said by Leonardo Da Vinci:

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication


Sleep away, the universal panacea for anything and everything.

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