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The Great Indian WASTAGE!


Today we are going to talk about the most peculiar problem of our country India. The problem which certainly degrades our rapport the most. This problem seems quite simple but is an abstruse one. The queasy problem that is responsible for all the malady in our country. Yes, it is the problem of wastage.

Wastage in India is quite uncontrollable. It is that trundling and sepulchral stone in our society that affects everyone around. People here disgrace it, condemn it, but do nothing to prevent it. Seeing the current situation, I strongly believe that the day is not far when wastage will become an indispensable and inevitable part of our lives.

Here is my little experience with the wastage of our country India.

I recently attended a wedding. A “typical” Indian wedding. A wedding equipped  with all the crackers, glitters, sparkles, the loud music, and our so-called “Band Baja Barat.” But the only thing that was quite astonishing to me in the whole wedding was the wastage of the hefty sums of food. It was not the first time I saw wastage, but actually the first time I gave notice to it. I was so dumbstruck at the moment that I was not able to get my nerves back, seeing the situation.

Even my brains were busy having a clash with reality.  I certainly at that moment was not able to comprehend the truth of life and I almost had a recalcitrant attitude towards it. Even I was busy having the critical analysis of the man, who on his part could be so selfish.  Frankly speaking and being veracious enough I do admit that I was a part of this heinous crime of wastage. But now, I am no more a part. I am really very thankful to God that I had the approach to consider the situation and act accordingly.

So this is all that I wanted to prove. That changes do not happen until and unless we have the right approach and correct stance towards it. An approach which might be different and unique from the point of view of many. But it is evidently right.

So why not change?

As someone rightly said,

A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.

So let’s step up and change. Because India badly needs one.


Sleep away, the universal panacea for anything and everything.

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